Rampant Fraud Discovered in Maryland Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Aliens

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Rhari Randall
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Immigration Reform
Article date: 
26 December 2017
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National News
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A recent audit of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) turned up hundreds of driver’s licenses and ID cards for illegal aliens that were issued based on counterfeit or otherwise fraudulent documents. This is just the latest example of how giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is one fraud that invariably leads to more fraud.  It also shows just how inaccurate and dishonest the euphemism “undocumented” really is. Illegal aliens have plenty of documents, many of which are fake.

In 2013, Maryland passed a law creating a category of driver’s licenses and ID cards that are specifically for illegal aliens. By August of 2016, MVA had issued more than 82,000 of them.

These so-called “non-compliant” or “second-tier” licenses display the phrase “Not Acceptable For Federal Purposes” across the top of the card.  Getting one is supposed to require providing proof of name, identity, age and Maryland residency to the MVA, as well as proof of two years paying Maryland state income tax or being claimed as a dependent...

However, even if the illegal alien can’t provide any of those documents, the MVA then has a whole other separate “exception process” for them, where they can claim “circumstances beyond the applicant’s control”...

The auditors made five specific recommendations, but they left out the most obvious one: for Maryland to stop issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens ...

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