Rasmussen Poll: Only 35 Percent of Voters Want to Live in a Sanctuary City

Article author: 
Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
Article date: 
29 March 2017
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National News
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Funny how the world looks different from the back of a limo, and powerful liberals have made it clear that they see the safety of illegal aliens as being more important than that of American citizens. For example, even following the recent high school rape committed by illegal aliens, Maryland’s Democrat-run House of Delegates nevertheless voted to become a sanctuary state.

Unsurprisingly, most citizens don’t like the idea of their town being made into an anything-goes freebie flophouse for illegal alien grifters. Obviously, the sanctuary designation is a dangerous welcome mat for criminals. Crime is a job some Americans will do, and we therefore don’t need to import lawbreaking foreigners to perform it for us.

The majority of Americans don’t want to live in a sanctuary city, according to Rasmussen’s detailed and informative poll.

35% Want to Live in a Sanctuary Community, Rasmussen Reports, March 24, 2017...