The Real Agenda Behind Mass Immigration

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Stephen H, For Red Ice Creations
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Smash Cultural Marxism
Article date: 
16 May 2021
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Our American Future
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... The reason why the immigration ‘debate’ favours those who support endless immigration into the West is because the term ‘immigration’ itself falsely implies fairness. It does so by implying that:

  1. There is only one immigration system, and all countries have the same immigration system, and
  2. The immigration system is fair because the outcome of immigration is the same in all countries.
Both these (hidden) assumptions are false. In reality, there are two different systems of immigration, and they have very different outcomes. The ugly truth is that all White, Western countries have been forced to accept one system of immigration whilst all non-White, non-Western countries are free to choose another....
But when it comes to the immigration system deployed in White countries the system itself has no name. Unsurprisingly, the apologists for mass immigration into the West want to keep it this way....
For now, I will use the term ‘citizenship immigration’. This name highlights one of the main characteristics of immigration into White, Western countries; namely, mass citizenship and permanent residence for immigrants... There is no such thing as plain, simple ‘immigration’. What is being referred to is either guest-worker immigration or citizenship immigration....
Overall, citizenship immigration can be characterized by:
I) Endless inward immigration
II) No expatriation process for immigrants, only illegal immigrants may be expatriated.
III) An ever-growing immigrant population...
Overall, citizenship immigration creates conditions where the native population will necessarily become outnumbered by the immigrant population (i.e become a racial minority). Indeed, any country adopting citizenship immigration must accept the idea that its native population will (sooner or later) become a vanishing minority....
...  that those who seek to justify citizenship immigration... Their position is clear: White people must become a minority in all White countries, and policies like citizenship immigration have been created to ensure that all White peoples must become racial minorities in their own native homelands.
CAIRCO notes
It should be noted that Whites are the people who invented - and sustain - Western Civilization. Citizenship immigration, as described in the above article, displaces that demographic with those whose backgrounds and political values are much less in alignment with Western values.
Turning Western countries into nations of squabbling nationalities is an essential orchestrated step toward implementing socialist governance.

Biden Aims to Rebuild and Expand Legal Immigration, Multicultural Meanderings, June 1, 2021.