The Real Joe Biden

Article author: 
Roger Anghis
Article publisher: 
News With Views
Article date: 
13 April 2020
Article category: 
National News
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Joe Biden is one of the establishment elite in Washington.  He’s a typical politician who has made himself very wealthy being a millionaire many times over.  That’s pretty good seeing that his salary since 1973 has been from $42,500 and increasing to $174,000 in 2008.  I think it was Harry Truman that said you have to be a crook to get rich being a politician.
His history as a Senator has some areas that make one question just how much he actually supports our Constitution.  He has supported the ban on so-called assault weapons and still thinks they need to be banned.  He claims no one needs a ‘military-style’ weapon even though not one military in the world uses an AR-15.  If he understood our history, he would know that when the 2nd Amendment was written anyone that had a firearm had a ‘military-style’ weapon.  To his credit, most of the Democrat Party is not capable of understanding that fact....
When he ran for president in 1987 we began to see his affinity for gaffes and at times outright lies....
It can go without saying that he shifts back and for with the political winds....
Biden has flip-flopped more than a fish out of water.  He says one thing, but his actions tell us something else....