The Real Reason Obama Wants Amnesty for Illegals

Article author: 
Liz Peek
Article publisher: 
The Fiscal Times
Article date: 
7 August 2014
Article category: 
National News
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...President Obama’s DACA order in 2012, protecting young people here illegally against deportation, summoned tens of thousands of migrant children from Central America. To solve the problem, the White House wants to open the door even wider by offering asylum to people from that region...

Notwithstanding the calamitous consequences of the DACA, President Obama is threatening to provide amnesty by executive order for some portion of the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in our country. That will not, of course, fix the border crisis...

That pretty much sums up President Obama’s phony bleating about immigration. What we are seeing is a replay of 2012, when sinking approval ratings from Hispanic voters and a tight reelection race pushed the president to unilaterally create the mini-Dream Act, or the DACA. Today, the Senate is up for grabs, and in a number of contested states, Latino voters may well prove critical...

Obama’s standing has shriveled among Hispanics, and he’s desperate for a win with Latinos who do not reliably turn out for midterm elections. What could better drive Hispanics to vote for Democrat candidates in November than an amnesty gift from our embattled president?

Only the inevitable hostile overreaction from Republicans. An overreaction that drove the second bill the House recently sent to the Senate, which aimed to revoke DACA. Republicans know that the country is sympathetic to the DREAM Act ...

In Colorado, Mark Udall may keep his seat thanks to the expanding Hispanic population in that state – now at 14 percent of the electorate. Some 63 percent of that group has family or friends that are undocumented [illegal aliens]. Do they care about immigration reform? You bet. And so it goes...



Research and polls on immigration have shown that Hispanic voters vote as Americans. There is no Hispanic bloc that Democrats - or Republicans - can sway. Attempts to do so will alienate Americans of all races, colors, and creeds. 

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