Reality on amnesty for DACA recipients – illegal aliens are not Americans

Article author: 
D.A. King
Article publisher: 
The Telegraph
Article date: 
4 October 2017
Article category: 
National News
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Illegal aliens who have been illegally granted deferred action on deportation as a re-election gimmick by former President Barack Obama are not “Americans.” They do themselves no favors by use of that self-description and the amnesty lobby cheapens the concept of American citizenship each time we are told we must naturalize people who are here in violation of our laws.

It may help sort through the calculated media din to recognize that neither “Americans” nor “immigrants” require amnesty. Only illegal aliens have that need.

That said, it would make a lot of people happy to see a limited, truly one-time legislative event, that would grant legalization to a portion of “the children” (some of whom are now 36 years old) who have already registered for Obama’s DACA program — and that limited group only.

One of the lessons of the 1986 amnesty is that nobody here illegally — of any age and no matter how they got here — should ever again be rewarded with U.S. citizenship. Neither should they ever be allowed to sponsor their parents or other family members for naturalization or admittance into the United States.

To deter the sure-to-come illegal rush of additional victims of borders seeking the next “for the children” amnesty, any consideration of legalization for DACA recipients should be well after legislation has been passed, funding appropriated and significant progress has been made on implementation of badly needed nationwide workplace verification (E-Verify), true border security — including President Trump’s promised border barrier — increased interior immigration enforcement and the biometric system to monitor the departure of temporary visa holder’s departure from the U.S. which is already law, but not practice.

Fact: About half of the illegal aliens currently present in our nation did not come here illegally. They came on temporary visas and never intended to leave as promised. DHS reports that last year alone, 629,000 visa holders overstayed their visas as students, workers or tourists...