Record number of ​immigrants [illegal aliens] funneled into alternative detention programs

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From Washington Times, July 2021 Less than 25% compliance rate for illegal immigrants released at border without court dates
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Chris Mills Rodrigo
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The Hill
Article date: 
12 November 2021
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National News
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The number of migrants being monitored under a surveillance program launched as an alternative to traditional detention facilities has grown astronomically during the Biden administration.

The program has become a favorite of the Biden administration, which has tried to position its immigration strategy as a humane alternative to former President Trump's...

“It looks like the growth really started after Joe Biden took office,” Austin Kocher, a research associate professor at Syracuse University who tracks immigration figures, told The Hill....

ISAP requires enrolled individuals to either wear ankle monitors, use a voice reporting system or download an app called SmartLINK...

The proportion of immigrants in ISAP subjected to ankle monitors has dropped significantly recently — 21.7 percent of participants had GPS monitors as of October, down from 46 percent in June 2019...

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Most illegal immigrants are no-shows after catch-and-release, Washington Times, July 13, 2021