Remembering slain detective Donnie Young 9 years later

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Whitney Wild
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9 News
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3 August 2014
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Colorado News
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Somewhere along the baseline, between the hits, runs and errors, something is missing.

"He lit up a room anywhere he went," Kourtney Young said.

"If you met him for the first time you just fell in love with him," said Sandy Young, Kourtney's aunt.

On Mother's Day 2005, Denver Police Detective Donnie Young was working off-duty at a private party when he was gunned down from behind. He never had the chance to defend himself.

"I said, 'just tell me he's alive,'" said Cpl. Jeff Baron, a former classmate, roommate and partner. Another officer broke the news.

"Then he said, 'no,' he didn't make it. He got shot in the head,'" Baron said ...


CAIRCO Notes - we do remember:

The Cop Killer - Illegal alien Raúl Gómez-García ambushed the officers from behind during a baptism.

Raúl Gómez-García, a Mexican national and illegal immigrant gets the max: 80 years

Gomez-Garcia, an illegal immigrant, fled to Mexico, where he was arrested June 4, 2005 ... He was brought back after Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey promised the Mexican government he wouldn't seek the death penalty or file a charge that carries a life sentence ...

[Then mayor] Hickenlooper owned restaurant illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez aka Raul Gomez-Garcia was employed at.

A man suspected in the killing of a cop and the target of a massive manhunt worked with false documentation at the Cherry Cricket, a restaurant co- owned by Mayor John Hickenlooper, police said Tuesday.

Raul Garcia-Gomez, 19, an illegal immigrant, failed to show up for work Monday morning ...

Cherry Cricket managers told police that Garcia-Gomez presented a resident-alien card when he applied for the job, according to a police source close to the investigation. The card was handed over Monday and gave the police their first photo of the suspect - albeit an unclear one. "You could see that this card was fake," said the police source, who added that the card was falling apart and typewritten ...

"I'm not instructing the restaurants to do anything," Hickenlooper said. "They're their own ship, running their own course ..."

CAIRCO Protests Against The Sanctuary City Policy that allowed Raúl Gómez-García to remain in Colorado, despite three separate CO traffic citations prior to the murder

A group of protesters who contend that Denver offers "sanctuary" to illegal immigrants took their case to the steps of City Hall on Monday, arguing that current policies played a hand in last week's slaying of a police officer.

In a midday demonstration, roughly 30 protesters waved placards, hailed a promised petition drive to deny services to people in the country illegally and demanded that Mayor John Hickenlooper rescind a seven-year-old city policy they described as an "artfully worded treatise on sanctuary for illegal aliens."

The leaders of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform also made it clear they want Hickenlooper to institute a policy that "unequivocally condemns illegal immigration." ...

Garcia-Gomez had been cited three times in recent months for traffic violations ...


Related article:

Colorado’s Illegal Alien Crime Wave, by Fred Elbel, The Social Contract,  Volume 21, Number 4 (Summer 2011)

In the early morning hours of Mother’s Day 2005, Denver Police Detective Donny Young was assassinated in cold blood by an illegal alien. Young was working off duty in uniform with Detective John Bishop at the Solano Ocampo Hall to earn extra income to support his wife and two young daughters. Illegal alien Raul Gomez-Garcia approached and shot both officers in the back. Detective Young was critically wounded, while Bishop was saved by his bulletproof vest.

Detective Young had received the Medal of Honor Award, 10 official commendations, the Distinguished Service Cross Award, and two letters of commendation.

Killer Gomez-Garcia (aka Garcia-Gomez) fled to Mexico after the murder, where he was arrested and returned to Denver. But the extradition was predicated on an agreement between the Denver District Attorney and Mexico that he would not file charges carrying a life sentence or the death penalty - apparently Mexico is very sensitive to the needs of their criminal class. Gomez-Garcia, with the number “13” etched into the back of his head, was sentenced to 80 years. (“M” is the 13th letter of the alphabet and often represents the Surenos gang and typically designates “Murder” or “Mexican”.)

Sadly, the story gets even more convoluted.

Just hours after the heinous assassination, illegal alien Gomez-Garcia reported for a full shift at the Cherry Cricket restaurant where he worked. In order to get the job, he had provided a fraudulent Social Security card which had been used in three states by three other illegals.

The restaurant where Gomez-Garcia worked was owned by none other than Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper. Ironically, in December of 2005 Hickenlooper was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser burrito breakfast for El Centro Humanitario para los Trabajadores - Denver’s illegal alien hiring hall.

It was later revealed that Gomez-Garcia had been stopped for traffic violations three times.3 When asked why Gomez-Garcia had not been turned over to ICE, Hickenlooper replied “these are complicated issues.”

“Complicated,” indeed...