Remittances to Mexico Up

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Alan Wall
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12 January 2016
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National News
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Remittances to Mexico are up, which means either more Mexicans are working in the United States, they are sending more money, or both.

From Mexidata:

A robust flow of remittances to Mexico has returned from the decline marked after the 2008 world economic crisis. As the New Year turned the corner, the central Bank of Mexico reported that dollars sent home from migrants working abroad totaled US$22.6 billion from January to November 2015, ringing up a 5.44 increase from the similar period in 2014.The Bank of Mexico’s numbers, however, do not include dollars spent in Mexico by migrants during the heavy December spending period, also a time when migrants able to return to their native country – sometimes in organized caravans of “paisanos” – bring in extra cash...

Because of all this money entering Mexico, the Mexican government is going to do what it can to prevent Donald Trump (or any candidate with similar border policies) from becoming president.   That’s why the Mexican government wants to get three million more Mexicans resident in the U.S. voting in U.S. elections.  (See here).


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