Remittances to Mexico now country's top source of foreign income, reaches $24.8B

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Per report, U.S. source of almost all remittances sent to Mexico
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Fox News Latino
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5 February 2016
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National News
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The central bank reported Tuesday that money sent home by Mexicans overseas hit nearly $24.8 billion last year, overtaking oil revenues for the first time as a source of foreign income.

Remittances were up 4.75 percent from 2014 ... They had never before surpassed petroleum since the Bank of Mexico began tracking them in 1995 ...

[...] improved economic conditions in the United States, home to more than 11 million Mexicans and the source of nearly all Mexico's remittances ...

CAIRCO Notes: For every dollar sent out of our country, that is one less dollar contributing to our U.S. economy and aiding our businesses.