Report: Arizona Gov. Ducey creates police strike force for Mexico border

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Gov. Ducey: "We'll get this done. If Barack Obama won't do the job, Arizonans will."
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Fox News Latino
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13 November 2015
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National News
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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey won election promising to do his part to close the "wide-open and unprotected border."

To that end, he is taking steps to create a Border Strike Force that would be part of the state's Bureau of the Department of Public Safety – its main goal, to disrupt the operations of drug- and human-trafficking groups ...

The Republic is reporting that the force’s first operation took place last month, and it involved flushing out cartel scouts from the desert south of Phoenix.

“They have night-vision capabilities, and they’re lightning fast,” Capt. Dave Nilson, who led the October operation, told the Republic.

“On any given day, we get 911 reports of people stopping, seeing people loading bundles and bundles of large amounts of narcotics and illegal aliens,” he said, “right on the side of the highway, and getting into cars and leaving. It literally is the wild West.” ...

"Fencing, satellites, guardsmen, more police and prosecutors," Ducey said in a campaign ad. "We'll get this done. If Barack Obama won't do the job, Arizonans will." ...