Report Exposes Illegal Immigration Industrial Complex and the 'Charities' That Benefit

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Katie Pavlich
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Article date: 
27 December 2022
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National News
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A new investigation from the Heritage Foundation exposes how Non-Governmental Organizations, known as NGOs, work with the federal government to relocated illegal immigrants from border towns to destinations across the country under the guise of "charity."

"The Biden border crisis was sparked by the deliberate implementation of open-borders policies and the removal of Trump-era borders security policies by the Biden administration. While the Biden administration caused the crisis and allows it to persist, they are not the only party responsible for facilitating this crisis. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played a substantial role in exacerbating the crisis by actively helping process and transport tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the interior of the United States," a memo published by Heritage states.

"After observing this dynamic, the Heritage Oversight Project and Heritage Border Security and Immigration Center obtained and analyzed movement patterns of anonymized mobile devices that were detected on the premises of over 30 NGO facilities at or near the border. These locations were selected either based on public knowledge of these facilities being used to process illegal aliens or on reliable human source information. All physical locations were verified and physical location boundaries were defined to include building and parking areas to minimize false positives," it continues....


This is a really interesting report. High0tech tracking and geofencing is used to track illegal alien movement in America.

Tracking Movement of Illegal Aliens from NGOs to Interior of USA, Heritage Foundation, 5 December 2022:

...The investigation found approximately 30,000 cell phone devices in the NGO facilities and traced the location of those devices in the U.S. during the month of January 2022. We assign a high degree of confidence to the assumption that he vast majority of these devices belong to individuals who illegally crossed the border. This is based on first-hand observation of facilities in which illegal aliens invariably outnumber facility workers and volunteers by many degrees.

Additionally, based on the travel patterns and the end location of these devices, we assume that the vast majority of the sevices reflect a migration pattern from the border of illegal aliens as opposed to a consistent travel pattern of NGO workers traveling from around the country to the border and back...