Republicans, Democrats Seek to Widen H-2B Visa Program as 20.6M Americans are Jobless

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16 September 2020
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National News
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A handful of House Republicans, and two House Democrats, are circulating a plan asking the State Department to widen the H-2B visa program that brings tens of thousands of low-skilled foreign workers to the United States every year.
The draft letter, authored by Reps. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and obtained by Breitbart News, asks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to issue guidance on President Trump’s visa suspension from June, specifically for the H-2B visa program....
There are currently about 20.6 million Americans who are jobless but want full-time jobs. Additionally, 7.6 million Americans are underemployed. The spur of mass unemployment was caused by economic shutdowns from the Chinese coronavirus crisis....