Republicans Set To Stick It To The Public With Omnibus Spending Bill – Going To Fund Sanctuary Cities

Article author: 
Suzanne Hamner
Article publisher: 
D.C. Clothesline
Article date: 
18 March 2018
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National News
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If there is any lesson that the citizens of this republic should learn and learn fast, it is that Republicans are no better than Democrats. Moreover, citizens of this republic need to ditch the “R”/”D” faction mentality, the left/right paradigm, the “us” versus “them” mindset, the “conservative”/progressive (liberal) platform, and the victim/oppressor rhetoric and begin to look at things from the constitution/anti-constitution standpoint.

If you are not supporting, upholding, protecting and defending the constitution, then you are tearing it down; in essence, you are being an anti-constitutionalist. Until we rid ourselves of these “faction” labels, politicians will continue to give the American public the shaft, which Republicans are set to do, once again, in the upcoming omnibus bill lawmakers must agree upon before March 23, 2018.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican leadership is going to fund sanctuary cities in the must-pass spending bill next week, giving Democrats a huge victory while simultaneously undercutting conservatives who put them in power, a senior GOP aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation.