Rethinking Globalization

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America established the New World Order, and America can dismantle it
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Auguste Meyrat
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American Mind
Article date: 
28 May 2023
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Our American Future
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... As political strategist Peter Zeihan explores in his book The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, so much of what determines the world economy is a vast and complex global system instituted and maintained by the United States after World War II. To ensure world peace as well as counteract the spread of communism, the Americans became the world police securing trade routes, facilitating mass production, and developing a global network that would maximize the comparative advantages of every possible country in the world. Zeihan calls this whole arrangement “the Order.”..

Even though this has been a massive boon for the Third World, it has also been a massive burden to the U.S. As Zeihan admits, “The core precept of the Order is that the Unites States would sacrifice economic dynamism in order to achieve security control. The American market was supposed to be sacrificed. The American worker was supposed to be sacrificed. American companies were supposed to be sacrificed.” Instead of Americans innovating and producing goods and services for other Americans, so much of this work was either outsourced to other countries or reserved for low-wage immigrants...

Chris Buskirk documents this hollowing out of America in detail in his book America and the Art of the Possible. He demonstrates that the American economy has substituted a solid economy consisting of manufacturing, agriculture, and civil service for a financialized economy incentivizing rent-seeking, fraud, and the proliferation of “bullsh** jobs.”..

However, as Zeihan points out, the Order is not sustainable, nor is it likely to last in current form for much longer...

Manufacturing will be reshored, agriculture will be diversified, finance will be decentralized, wealth will be more evenly distributed, energy will be cleaner and cheaper, and the culture overall will flourish...


Report on CPAC Hungary 2023, by Augustin Goland, American Renaissance, 2 June 2023.