RFK Jr. realizes President Trump was right all along

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Midnight At The Border
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18 August 2023
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National News
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... RFK Jr. was a man who went from mocking Trump’s border wall to becoming one of the few Dems actively pushing for a secure border. This remarkable change occurred when RFK Jr. visited the border and saw for himself what was actually taking place there. The documentary “Midnight at the Border” chronicles RFK Jr.’s journey as he uncovers the truth about what’s really happening at the US-Mexico border...


... Powerful and truly terrifying stuff. RFK Jr. was so deeply impacted that he now believes we’ll never survive this disaster unless we close the border. That’s what he recently told Tucker Carlson in a compelling interview...

... in many respects, RFK Jr. embodies “common sense” that reminds us of the old Democratic Party, not the bloodthirsty communists we see today. His firsthand experience at the border opened his eyes, leading him to understand that President Trump’s stance on the issue was right all along...


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches Documentary: ‘Midnight at the Border’, Breitbart 18 August 2023.

RFK Jr. Gets It, Sort Of, On Immigration. But "Compassion" Won’t Stop The Invasion—Only A Moratorium Will, by Former Agent, 20 August 2023:

...  JFK wrote A Nation of Immigrants for the pro-Great Replacement Anti-Defamation League. Uncle Ted, the dipsomaniac lady killer, championed the 1965 Hart-Celler Act that spelled doom for white America. So RFK Jr.’s pedigree is hardly immigration restrictionist.

The interview with Carlson contains a lot to unpack. (The full interview is not only on Twitter, below, but also on YouTube.)

    Ep. 16 RFK Jr. explains Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle pic.twitter.com/RMr5VZVqSM

... Kennedy said that cartels run the border, which is partially true, but only because the Biden Regime allows it. They weren’t running things by the end of the Trump administration... Kennedy said he saw aliens from Ghana, Tibet, Nepal, India and China, and of course the “Stans”..

In his interview with Megyn Kelly [What’s Behind Massive Rise in Illegal Migrants Under the Biden Administration, May 12, 2023], former Trump official Stephen Miller gave a much more accurate appraisal: The Regime is staffed by Leftists who believe the U.S. government must atone for past wrongs by helping out people from around the globe—even at the expense of Americans. Notably, I would add, at the expense of white Americans...

What we really need is an immigration moratorium coupled with mass deportations. And to stop birthright citizenship ASAP...