RNC Ups Immigration Reform Pressure On Congressional GOP — But Rejects Path To Citizenship

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President Barack Obama has said that any immigration reform bill must include a path to citizenship.
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Zeke J Miller
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'Swampland' Time Magazine
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16 August 2013
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National News
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The Republican National Committee passed a resolution Friday calling on Congress to pass an immigration reform bill by the end of the year—but it stopped well short of the bipartisan compromise passed by the Senate earlier this year, omitting a “path to citizenship” for any class of illegal immigrant.

The resolution calls on Congress to create a special legal status for illegal immigrants brought to America as minors—or “DREAMers,” as immigration activists call them, for the eponymous bill to provide them legal status—which would include a renewable five-year work permit. They would have to provide proof of employment or enrollment to retain the status.

For illegal immigrants who came to the United States above the age of 18, under the plan advocated by the RNC they would be eligible for two-year renewable work permits, but no path to citizenship.

It also calls for the completion of a border fence and increased law enforcement patrols ...


Here’s the text of the resolution: