The Romeike Case—What’s Wrong With Wanting White Immigrants?

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Alan Wall
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28 May 2013
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National News
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"Back in March, I reported on the predicament of music teachers Uwe and Hannalore Romeike, who fled Germany in 2008 due to government harassment they received for home schooling their children. They had been fined and were facing the possibility of losing custody of their children... The Romeikes settled in Tennessee and applied for asylum...

The Romeikes applied for asylum status and received it in 2010 (as do the majority of asylum applicants.)

Case closed?

No—because Eric “My People” Holder’s DOJ got involved, seeking to reverse their asylum status. The Board of Immigration Appeals backed up Holder. The Romeikes appealed.

...on May 14th, the Sixth Court of Appeals ruled against the Romeikes, upholding the Obama administration’s asylum denial...

It’s obviously suspicious that the Obama administration would go out of its way to deport this family while to legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens, and not apologizing for admitting phony “refugees” who commit crimes and terrorism...

[Salon’s Sally Kohn] inadvertently reveals the utter hypocrisy of such criticism [of objections to the ruling]:

Look, this is how racial stereotyping works. No one comes right out and says, 'We only like the immigrants who look like us.'"

But isn’t that exactly what Hispanic activists are doing? Aren’t we constantly told that we have to let in more Hispanic immigrants in order to make the Hispanics already here happy?

If Hispanics want immigrants who “look like them” isn’t that “racial stereotyping”?...

If we’re going to be taking in a million or so legal immigrants a year, why not bring in more people who resemble the historic American majority? Why not bring in more immigrants from the British Isles and Europe?

...our refugee/asylum system, like every aspect of our immigration policy, is broken and needs a complete overhaul—where it is not actually controlled by a hostile elite that hates the historic American majority.

About the author:

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) recently moved back to the U.S.A. after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. 


CAIRCO Research:

It is evident from the article "Feds Enlist National Council of La Raza for Executive Jobs Workshop" that the Obama administration is deeply engaged in racial stereotyping. So much so, that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has partnered with the National Council of La Raza [The Race] to encourage more Hispanics to apply for higher positions within the U.S. government. 

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