The Sanctuary Cities Confrontation Will Be Our Fort Sumter

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The Sanctuary Cities Confrontation Will Be Our Fort Sumter. Trump Should Fire Back By Arresting CA Gov. Brown (etc.)
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Instating sanctuary cities is an of act sedition
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Matthew Richer
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29 July 2017
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National News
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Every civil war has a Fort Sumter moment—a point of contention over which disputing factions stake a political claim and refuse to budge, leading to all-out war. And in this Cold Civil War through which we are now living, the growing hostility between President Donald Trump and sanctuary state politicians will inevitably produce such a confrontation; probably within the next year. [Attorney General Sessions Raises Stakes for Sanctuary Cities, by Pete Williams, NBC, July 25, 2017] If Donald Trump is wise enough, he can capitalize on the situation in much the same way that Abraham Lincoln capitalized on the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter during the first Civil War.

The attack on Fort Sumter in 1861 is often portrayed as an act of unprovoked aggression on the part of the Confederacy. But the truth is more complicated than that. Fort Sumter was not simply a military installation, but a Union tax collection office perched in the center of Charleston harbor...

Whatever the merits of the Confederate cause, they had boldly challenged the authority of the American President and the legitimacy of federal law over their territories. If the Union was going to survive, Lincoln could not back down over Ft. Sumter. More pressingly, Lincoln knew that the side that fired the first shot would be at a serious moral disadvantage.

Fast forward some 156 years later and the United States is in the midst of a different kind of civil war—a Cold Civil War over the National Question. And our Fort Sumter may well come over the issue of “sanctuary cities”—cities whose official policy is that of non-cooperation with the Federal immigration authorities.

During last year’s campaign, Donald Trump promised to withhold federal funds to sanctuary cities and he has kept that promise, so far, by appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and supporting, among other things, the No Sanctuary For Criminals Act, which bars sanctuary cities and states from receiving federal funds (a policy has long advocated)...

But most sanctuary politicians remain defiant and insist that they will defy any federal attempts to deport illegal aliens in their cities. In fact, California and, to a lesser degree, Massachusetts, are now moving to officially become sanctuary states...

... Mayor Joseph Curtatone of Somerville, MA was defiant: “Come and get me.”...

They should do exactly that. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should issue an arrest warrant, and federal officials should enter Somerville City Hall, throw the cuffs on Mayor Curtatone, put him in jail, and prosecute him...

Patriotic Immigration Reform’s Fort Sumter moment is coming...




ICE chief wants to slap smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities, July 26, 2017.

Send Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) After Sanctuary City Mayors—Their Aiding And Abetting Is A Federal Crime!, VDare, November 16, 2016.

I identified several criminals aiding and abetting illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States, including the sitting Governor of California, Jerry Brown, the President of the University of California (UC), Janet Napolitano, and several major and minor functionaries in the UC system. [Target California, Federale, Federale Blog, November 13, 2016]...

I again propose using the United States Code, Title 18, Section 1324, against those who think, like Hillary Clinton, they are above the law.  In this case, three big city mayors, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago, and Bill De Blasio of New York City, besides mouthing platitudes about immigrants and illegal aliens, actually take concrete action to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States.



Instating sanctuary cities is an of act sedition, defined by Chambers Dictionary as: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.


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