Sanctuary cities free 253 illegal-alien criminals in 2 weeks

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Outlaws becoming main beneficiaries of non-cooperation policies
Article author: 
Paul Bremmer
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WorldNet Daily
Article date: 
2 April 2017
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National News
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Law enforcement agencies in New York City declined 12 detainers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement during the week of Feb. 4 to Feb. 10, according to ICE’s latest Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Report...

ICE routinely issues detainers to state and local law enforcement agencies to notify them of its intent to assume custody of an illegal alien currently being detained in state or local custody on criminal charges.

The detainer requests that the law enforcement agency notify ICE as early as possible, ideally at least 48 hours in advance, before a deportable alien is released from custody. It also asks the state or local jurisdiction to hold onto the alien for up to 48 hours so Department of Homeland Security agents have time to get there and take the alien into custody.

However, many law enforcement agencies refuse to comply with ICE detainers, instead releasing deportable criminal aliens back into their communities. Some simply snub ICE, while others are bound by state or local ordinances or policies that restrict or prohibit cooperation with ICE. Such policies are only one type of “sanctuary policy” that help define a jurisdiction as a sanctuary city or sanctuary county.

ICE lists 152 jurisdictions that have explicitly enacted policies limiting their cooperation with ICE detainers. ICE emphasizes the list is based on public announcements, news report statements and publicly disclosed policies, so there may be more jurisdictions that do not cooperate with ICE...

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