Scamming for Citizenship—Investor, Crime Victim Visas Rife With Fraud

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15 March 2015
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National News
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American citizenship is supposed to be a precious gift that people are willing to die for, but our immigration system has turned it into a reward for fraud...
The EB-5 visa
Originally, the EB-5 visa was designed to create long-term jobs in the United States by allowing people into the country who could start a new business. However, the law currently provides a two-year visa to anyone who deposits half a million dollars in an already existing business.
The result: a bureaucratic shortcut that allows international criminals and corrupt officials fleeing their own country to gain residency and then pursue American citizenship...
The U Visa
which grants a green card to any victim of a crime anywhere in the world; or
The T Visa
designed to help victims of human trafficking.
Needless to say, the possibilities for fraud with these “crime victim visas” are immense...
And even when the “crime victim visa” program is used according to the law, it grants American citizenship for the victims of relatively minor crimes and can actually reinforce negative behavior.
For example, Mexico is not exactly noted for its enlightened attitude regarding women. Yet every Mexican woman who is the victim of spousal abuse is now eligible for the program...

we find out that it’s not the federal government that determines whether the crime was important enough to grant a U Visa but local law enforcement...

The end result: an immigration system that almost seems designed to render American citizenship meaningless. Instead of guarding our borders, our immigration law actually undermines it...