The Second Caravan Sealed the Democrats' Fate

Article author: 
Gregory Buls
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
25 October 2018
Article category: 
National News
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... the border crisis has exploded into America's consciousness.

On the heels of the now 14,000-strong human wave set to flood across our southern border in the coming weeks is another human army – and then another, and likely many more. Faced with the prospect of paying human-smugglers $5,000-$10,000 to transport them to the American border, poor residents of Central American countries have come to realize that mass migrations are safer and cheaper. The invaders know they have allies on this side of our border.  Most Democrat lawmakers remain silent; they are not proposing a solution because they don't see the invasion as a problem – to them, it is a feature of our immigration laws, not a bug. Racialism is the new creed and currency of the left, so anything that swells the numbers of minorities in the United States is assumed by Democrat leaders to be a net benefit to the Democratic Party. With the advent of invading armies, the democrats could not be more mistaken.
First, notice what was not said as the army approached Mexico and Mexican authorities pledged to prevent it from entering their country.  Whether this was possible was an open question – but what was never questioned was the right of Mexico to stop them. Every leftist in Congress and in corporate media silently affirmed the right of the Mexican government to stop the army. The Democrats' immigration message is finally crystal-clear: other nations have a right to control their borders, but we do not, even in the face of foreign invasion. That is a politically untenable position....
... as more invading armies get underway, regardless of the fate of the first one, questions will invariably be asked of the left – and every question undermines the Democratic Party.
- How many are too many? There can be no real answer to that question from the left if the first massive army proceeds into the interior of the country. The left has welcomed the first army; consistency demands that they apply the same standards to those that follow. The Democrats have shown that they're bluffing....

- Assuming that we decide to stop the tenth, or twentieth, or fiftieth army, is there any legal way to do so without physical resistance? The Democrats' silence on this issue insures that our laws will be changed, and not in ways that will benefit their party. ...

...  the left and its corporate media allies have misjudged Latinos....  It doesn't benefit Latinos – whether here legally or illegally – to have endless waves of people arriving from outside the country, willing to work for lower and lower wages....

...  the human wave will be the punctuation mark on the end of the sentence, "Build the wall." ...