Sen. Sessions: Obama Keeps 182,761 Convicted Foreign Criminals in United States

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21 October 2016
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Our American Future
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Roughly 180,000 foreign criminals with court-approved removal orders are still living in the United States because President Barack Obama’s administration is not trying to send them home, says a new Senate report.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions hit the administration Wednesday for allowing other countries to treat the United States as a holding ground for their migrant criminals.

Agencies working for Obama have allowed almost 1 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country, even though they have been approved by judges for deportation. That number includes 182,761 illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes inside the United States.

The one million total also includes almost one-quarter of a million illegal aliens whose home countries simply refuse to let U.S. officials fly the criminals home.

Obama’s deputies could pressure those countries to take back their criminals, for example, by denying visas to political and business leaders from those countries. So far, the U.S. has only applied those pressures to the small nation of Gambia.

“According to data provided to the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as of June 25, 2016, there were 953,806 aliens in the United States with outstanding orders of removal, 182,761 of whom were convicted of crimes in the United States,” Sessions’ office stated.

“Of the 953,806 aliens who have final orders of removal, 242,772 come from countries that refuse to take back their nationals after they receive final removal orders,” said the statement.

Of the quarter million aliens, “123,098 [are] coming from the 23 countries that ICE deems to be ‘recalcitrant,’ and 119,674 from the 62 countries that ICE deems to be otherwise uncooperative.”

Tens of thousands of those 242,722 illegal aliens went on to commit more crimes after being released back onto U.S. soil, says the Sessions statement.

“57,029 were convicted of criminal offenses, or roughly 30 percent of the criminal aliens with removal orders in the United States—including 28,733 from Cuba, 7,705 from Vietnam, 2,140 from Haiti, and 1,848 from China,” his office continued...