Senate Parliamentarian Nixes Amnesty in Build Back Better Bill

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17 December 2021
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National News
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The Senate’s non-partisan debate referee has rejected the Democrats’ “Plan C” amnesty parole for 6.5 million migrants [illegal aliens], so sending the Democrats back to plan their next amnesty push in early 2022.
The Thursday evening rejection is possible because the Senate’s rules bar the inclusion of major policy changes in spending bills that are placed in the fast-track, no-filibuster, reconciliation budget process. The Democrats are using that process to push their almost $2 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) plan past the nearly unified GOP caucus of 50 senators.
The parliamentarian’s ruling will not be easily overcome by the Democrats....
The referee’s rejection does not cover the three other “historic” migration changes hidden in the BBB bill. Those measures would allow the White House to provide green cards to millions of favored migrants, including perhaps three million “chain migrants” selected by recent immigrants.
The plan would also allow President Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies to sell green cards to at least one million migrants who have taken — or who promise to take — many of the Fortune 500 jobs sought by skilled U.S. college graduates. Most of these beneficiaries are Indian workers who got jobs via various visa worker programs, such as the H-1B and Optional Practical Training program....