September Jobs—Immigrants Take It All For Second Straight Month

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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5 October 2015
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Our American Future
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...The worse news:

There’s nothing good in this morning’s report. We had very low levels of job creation, wage growth isn’t budging, and the unemployment rate would have risen if the labor force participation rate hadn’t fallen.—Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist, Northern Trust in Chicago
Grim Jobs Report Is Likely to Delay a Move by the Fed on Rates, By Patricia Cohen, NYT, October 2, 2015
Tannenbaum was referring to the dismal employment numbers released on Friday. The economy added a mere 142,000 jobs in September, following an even weaker gain, of 136,000, after a downward revision, in August. The past two months rank as the worst back-to-back employment reports in the last three years...
In September:
  • Total employment fell by 236,000 – down by 0.2%
  • Native-born American employment fell by 252,000 – down by 0.2%
  • Immigrant employment rose by 16,000 – up by 0.1%
The 252,000 decline in native-born American employment last month was the largest monthly drop since August 2014, when a whopping 542,000 Americans lost jobs...