Sharia: Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council

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Violates separation of church and state
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Pamela Geller
Article date: 
12 July 2016
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National News
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A Muslim council sanctioned by the government? For what? To insure that we adhere to sharia restrictions? To punish those of us, like me, who refuse to adhere to sharia law and its crushing speech laws? Why a Muslim council? Where’s the Hindu council, Jewish council, Pagan council, Church of Scientology council, Christian council?

This is a violation of the Establishment Clause. Freedom-loving Illinois residents should file a class action suit as soon as this passes.

This is how far and how deep Islamic supremacists and their running dogs on the left have infiltrated the senior levels of state and federal government.

After the bloodiest Ramadan month on record...

“Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council?” By Bruce Cornibe | Counter Jihad, July 7, 2016

There are no councils to represent the interests of other faiths in Illinois, and the likely leaders of this council are from the same band urging the Federal government towards censorship of criticism...

This special status for a religious group is surprising in a country that bars an official state religion.  In the legislation it states, “Muslims are the third largest religious group in the State of Illinois after Roman Catholics and independent Evangelical Christians.”  Yet there are no special advisory councils for those other religious groups.

It would be plausible for there to be. Christians in the U.S. are often targeted by hostile activist groups like the Human Rights Campaign, which seeks to infringe upon their religious liberties.  Indeed, Christians are one of the most persecuted groups worldwide. Open Doors estimates that each month 322 Christians are murdered for their faith, 214 churches and properties are ruined, and 772 types of violence occur against Christians.  Why wouldn’t Illinois require a Christian council?

Or how about a Jewish council? According to the FBI, 56.8 percent of anti-religious hate crimes were motivated by an anti-Jewish bias (2014). Muslim Americans simply are not the biggest victims of religious hate. It sounds more like Illinois lawmakers bought into the ‘Islamophobia’ narrative...

Unfortunately, this ignores the reality that some of the largest and most vocal Muslim activist organizations in America are Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups. The Muslim council would formalize the role of these Islamist groups in Illinois’ government affairs...

Just as CAIR and other Brotherhood-linked activist groups weaken the functioning of our government, so too would the Muslim-American Advisory Council in Illinois. It is more important than ever to pass legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Sign the petition in support of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 to urge Congress to act.