The silent back-door amnesty nobody is talking about

Article author: 
Daniel Horowitz
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Consrvative Review
Article date: 
12 August 2017
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National News
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Last week, President Trump lent his support to a game-changing immigration reform bill, one that would restore many of our historic values and traditions on immigration and place the interests of the citizenry first. However, given that the GOP is an open-borders party, it will be tough mustering the votes for it to pass the House, much less the Senate. That is why it is even more important for the president to end Obama’s executive amnesty, which would require the vote of only one man — Trump himself. More importantly, he is required to do so by the Constitution...

Committing the crimes American’s won’t commit

Granting unilateral amnesty and Social Security cards to even peaceful illegal aliens is unconstitutional. And it is now clear that many of these “dreamers” weren’t vetted properly. New documents obtained by IRLI by FOIA request demonstrate how the Obama administration cut corners on its own criteria to get as many people signed up as possible. The Trump administration had to revoke the status of 1,500 criminals or gang members. But how many more have we missed? Remember, most of the young illegals have no criminal record until they strike for the first time, especially given that Obama openly afforded each applicant a chance at amnesty even with two misdemeanor charges. And we now know that 30 percent of the “dreamers” crossing the border from Central America have ties to gangs...

Thank you, President Trump, for your amnesty...

Trump’s promise of dream amnesty reigniting border surge

As I noted in June, Trump has renewed or newly issued 125,000 DACA cards during the second quarter of this fiscal year, more than Obama did during the last quarter of his presidency. Trump could end this illegal program simply by passively refusing to renew them. Most of the renewals are due this year because the program began in 2013 and is renewable every two years. Simply declining to renew the permits was Marco Rubio’s position, yet Trump won’t even hold that ground...

Mr. President, how can you go after sanctuary cities when you are turning us into a sanctuary nation? You’ve been in office for half a year. It’s become clear that failure to terminate DACA will have far-ranging consequences for the states and the citizenry and present them with a nightmare of judicial lawfare. At this point, failure to terminate this illegal program, something that can be accomplished by mere passivity, will rank together with Obamacare as the most colossal campaign betrayal in recent memory. Except, in this case, it’s not the fault of the Senate — it’s yours.