Six Facts You Should Know about Obama's Flood of Illegal Aliens

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Joe Gussardi
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24 June 2014
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National News
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Here are six facts you need to know about what President Obama fraudulently calls the unaccompanied minors "urgent humanitarian crisis."

First, many minors aren’t unaccompanied. Rather, they’re traveling with their mothers, some pregnant with future anchor baby citizens. Other women crossing are of child bearing age—this bodes poorly for Americans who favor limiting population growth. As a whole, the arriving aliens have little education, few jobs skills, and don’t speak English. Many will be dependent on social services throughout their lives.

Second, despite what the Obama administration tells you, the illegal immigrants aren’t fleeing Central American violence. The aliens have advised immigration officials that they intend to reunite with their families, a high percentage of which are also illegal immigrants and who have told their Central American relatives that once inside the United States, Obama will allow them to remain. Before releasing the aliens, officials issue them an immigration court appearance date. Since few show up, the orders are jokingly refer to as "run letters."

Third, some of those released have contagious diseases. An HHS source, working with the south Texas Border Patrol, reported that many of the youths have pink eye, scabies and tuberculosis but are nevertheless medically cleared and released because of overloaded housing facilities.

Fourth, although there’s talk among some influential Washington D.C. politicians like Hillary Clinton that the aliens should be returned home, Obama and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson don’t echo her sentiment. Quite the opposite, the Department of Justice created a $2 million fund to provide legal representation to the minors. The goal is to help the aliens achieve legal permanent resident status which will eventually lead to citizenship.

Fifth, the alien totals are huge and growing. According to the Border Patrol, unaccompanied children apprehensions increased from 16,067 in fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 24,481 in FY 2012 and 38,833 in FY 2013.
During the first eight months of FY 2014, the Border Patrol processed 47,017 children. If the influx continues apace, and it shows no signs of slowing, DHS predicts that by fiscal year-end September 30, annual totals could exceed 90,000.

Sixth, while news reports emphasize that aliens are processed mostly in the Southwest, they’re being dispersed throughout the U.S. Knowledgeable insiders confirmed that two planeloads of aliens were flown to Massachusetts; the first to Bedford’s Hanscom Air Force Base and a second to Boston’s Logan Airport before they were released. Efforts to relocate hundreds of alien children in Baltimore and Central Virginia have been temporarily blocked because community leaders were tipped off early enough to protest.

Besides the Massachusetts Air Force Base, Obama has also designated as aliens’ final destinations military bases in California, Texas, and Oklahoma as well as, in one official’s words, "to God knows where." Outraged Oklahoma governor Mary Fallon summed it up when she said: "The Obama administration continues to fail in its duty to protect our borders and continues to promote policies that encourage, rather than discourage, illegal immigration."

Obama’s ongoing, unconstitutional refusal to enforce immigration laws plus his commitment to, as Fallon said, encourage more illegal immigration are likely impeachable offenses. On the behalf of Americans citizens whom Obama has sworn to protect, Congress has the moral responsibility to end this border surge immediately.
Without congressional intervention, thousands more aliens entering under the guise of seeking humanitarian relief will surely follow.


Joe Guzzardi is a Californians for Population Stabilization Senior Writing Fellow whose columns have been syndicated since 1987.
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