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Fred Reed
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Burning Platform
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8 August 2023
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National News
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... Whites didn’t enslave blacks. These were captured by black slave traders or bought as prisoners of war, and kept in slave pens on the African coast until slave ships bought them. This may seem a cheap debating point but is how the slave business actually worked.

The slave trade from point of sale on the African coast to the fields of Alabama and thereafter was hideous, very, very documentedly so. This should not need saying but apparently does. A competent overview of the commerce can be found in The Atlantic Slave Trade, by . A contemporary account is American Slavery As It Is,1839. Warning: it is nauseating. A well known and readable account, also contemporary, can be found in A Journal of Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839, by Fanny Kemble...

The current adolescent drumbeat for reparations to blacks for slavery is nonsensical since, as many have noted, it requires whites who never owned slaves to pay reparations to blacks who never were slaves. This is just stupid. I think the Africans who originally captured the slaves should pay reparations to American blacks, and to residents of cities burned by these...

The Atlantic slave trade was not especially American but engaged in by much of Europe–Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, with Jews, Christians, Catholics, and a few Quakers involved...

In America the slave trade was a Northern, not a Southern, business, run out of New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut...


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The African Origin of the Slave Trade, by Paul Craig Roberts, 28 August 2023:

For decades liberals have beat into the heads of white Americans that they are racists responsible for enslaving blacks...

This lie has become institutionalized in the media, black racial preferences, and in university black studies departments and their graduates.  Enough white Americans have been indoctrinated that the public has accepted black racial privileges in university admissions, employment, and promotion for more than a half century...

For many years I have reported that the slave trade was an African institution.  The black kingdom of Dahomey was the slaver state.  The Dutch, Portuguese, British, and French ship captains were the transporters of blacks enslaved by other blacks to the new world.  Apparently, Brazil was a larger market for enslaved blacks than England’s North American colonies...

Frauds have a narrative, and they are opposed to all facts...

... in a diverse, multicultural society composed of many ethnicities it is socially and politically disastrous to teach one race to hate another.  But that is what the United States does....