Smugglers Force Thousands of Child Migrants Into Prostitution

Article author: 
Charlotte Cuthbertson
Article publisher: 
The Epoch Times
Article date: 
6 March 2019
Article category: 
National News
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... A smuggler often promises a better life in the United States, a job, or maybe even a love interest, said Greg Nevano, assistant director of ICE Homeland Security Investigations’ investigative programs.
“Many times, you’ll see parents [who] want their children to have a better life … send their child along with a friend, a cousin,” he said.
“And along the route—which is a long journey to the United States—the smugglers will then exploit the children. They’ll say, if you don’t pay us additional money, or if you do not perform these types of activities—some of which are sexual activity, some of them could be forced labor—we will kill your family back home.”...
Last year, the number of Border Patrol apprehensions along the southwest border almost hit 400,000. This year, it’s on track to pass 600,000 illegal crossers. The vast majority hail from Central America.
More than 48,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended by Border Patrol in fiscal year 2018. Almost half were from Guatemala, and the rest were from Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador....

Alma Tucker has seen the devastation that victims of sex-trafficking endure. She is the founder and president of International Network of Hearts, an organization dedicated to helping children recover from human trafficking....

The National Human Trafficking hotline has received reports of 45,308 human-trafficking cases since 2007. California, Texas, and Florida are identified as the worst three states for human trafficking.

ICE made 1,588 human-trafficking arrests in fiscal year 2018—almost all for sex trafficking—and saved 308 victims who were trafficked to the United States....