South Africa’s Latest Genocide Ignored by U.S. Politicians and News Media

Article author: 
Jim Kouri
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Conservative Base
Article date: 
21 January 2019
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National News
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“[W]hite South Africans were made helpless when the government began to strictly enforce the Firearms Control Act of 2000. If an applicant for a gun license isn’t black or a member of the ANC or the EFF, the applicant is often denied a firearms license, which out of necessity leads whites to arm themselves illegally; and if they even minimally defend themselves, they are regularly punished, since self-defense itself verges on an offense, under the Marxists’ constitution.” 

... What was missing from his [Obama's] speech was any message regarding the rampant killings of South African whites condoned by South African black officials. In fact, during the coverage of Obama’s visit to the impoverished country, the U.S. news media ignored the “open season on white South Africans,” which has reach the level of genocide, according to Lyle Presserman, a former member of the Israeli special forces and Israel’s national police service.   
“The state-sponsored terrorism is currently directed at white citizens by the black majority population and South Africa’s Neo-Marxist African National Congress (ANC). In addition, a group known as the Economic Freedom Fighters has commandeered farms and businesses owned by whites,” according to Presserman.
It’s believed that the openly harsh language and displays of racial hatred by South Africa’s leaders have fed a bloody tide of pent up rage, that has basically nullified Mandela’s pledge to both black and white citizens.for a peaceful transition with the end of the state-enforced apartheid policy.
Today in South Africa, white people — men, women and children — are being forced to flee or to prepare for an eventual civil war. And not one major news organization in the United States is covering the bloodshed and injustice in a once-prosperous nation.
These attacks come after comments by the King of the Zulu nation, Goodwill Zwelithini, who said that ‘foreigners must go‘. It has been reported that more than 1,000 landowners have fled their homes and are seeking refuge at police stations....

The rapid rise of this tragic situation can be largely attributed to the passage of the Expropriation Bill of 2008, which empowered the ANC and “any organ of state at any level of government” to take ownership and possession of property “simply by giving notice to the expropriated owner”. However, the most unjust and economically unstable bill was passed (241 to 83) just this year in March 2018 by legislators in the South African Parliament. The new law allows the seizure of land from white farmers without any payment or compensation. ...