South Africa - 6 minute video - When Cops Run Out of Ammo

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Seattle and Portland were America's test cases for sanctioned looting
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5 August 2021
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National News
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When lawless mobs impulsively loot, commit arson, and kill the innocent, police can often restore order only with lethal force.  But when cops run out of ammunition, what happens to social order at that point?  The current situation in South Africa provides a real-world example. 

The Frivolous and politized debates about gun control have come to and end in South Africa. 

That discussion is over.



Hellequin, Gentleman Bastard on August 6, 2021 at 9:38 am said:
There’s a rumour going around that they’ll start again on the 10th. of August when Jacob Zuma has another Court appearance.
By us, down here in the Western Cape, it’s still “quiet” (if you discount the daily Crimes).
We’ll see.
What he forgot to mention is that Law-abiding South Africans CAN NO LONGER buy guns or can apply for gun-licenses for Self-defense.
Thanks to George Soros and his Minions.
Meanwhile the corrupt South African Police is selling Arms to Gangsters.