South African Farm Attacks In September: Eight Dead, Others Raped, Stabbed, And Beaten With Iron Rods

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12 October 2022
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National News
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53-year-old Etienne du Toit was found bludgeoned to death on his farm in the Alkmaar area of Mpumalanga province, South Africa.

The victim was found  by his son. The victim had been attending to the farm’s water pumps...

A couple, both aged 52, were attacked in Tempelhof, Free State province.

The victims, identified as Jasco and Maria Dinkelman, were stabbed and hacked with pangas by three armed assailants. Stolen was cash and an axe....

Freedom Front Plus (VFPlus), a patriotic political party, included Swart in a list of eight rural murders that occurred in September, 2022. VFPlus noted that the murders occurred in the wake of an Equity Court ruling that singing "Kill the Boer" does not constitute hate speech. Boers are the descendants of Dutch settlers largely responsible for South Africa’s prosperity....

[Wave of farm attacks and murders in the weeks after court allows singing of “Kill the boer,” by Dr. Pieter Groenewald,, August 30, 2022]...