Southern border fence? Works great here!

Article author: 
Drew Zahn
Article publisher: 
World Net Daily
Article date: 
8 July 2013
Article category: 
National News
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While the merits of building a fence along the USA’s southern border are debated in Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his nation’s new border fence is working very well, thank you...

Netanyahu, speaking publicly ahead of his weekly cabinet meeting, argued the fence has blocked 99 percent of African migrants from reaching Israel.

“In practice, nobody has entered and the few who have arrived did not reach Israel’s cities,” he continued. “The fence has completely stopped illegal migration to Israel, but it also has an additional function – namely counterterrorism.”

The Times of Israel reports the border fence, which has taken years to construct and is still not finished, carries an estimated cost of $377 million..

In the U.S., meanwhile, lawmakers over the years have approved various southern border fence measures, but then revoked those same laws and then negotiated just how many miles worth of fence to actually build or not build – all leading to the current status of a piecemeal fence that simply funnels illegal immigrants from one border crossing to another...