Stopping Obama's Amnesty is the Battle of Our Time

Article author: 
Daniel Horowitz
Article publisher: 
Conservative Review
Article date: 
1 January 2015
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Every generation of conservative leaders must rise to the occasion to confront the challenge of the time. The challenge at present is to stop Obama’s war on our borders and thereby his war on the rule of law. Will conservatives rise to the occasion?...

Last week, emboldened by the blank check granted by Boehner and the lame duck Congress, the Obama administration began leasing office space and hiring workers to process the amnesty applications. Obama is misusing public funds dedicated towards processing legal immigrant applications for the use of an amnesty program not authorized by Congress.

But the situation we face is even more precarious than the imminent amnesty for those illegals already here. We now have de facto open borders as Obama has completely shut down all enforcement – both at the border and in the interior. Obama has orchestrated this war on our sovereignty with devastating timing and perfect precision.

Needless to say, with deportations all but eliminated, and the promise of amnesty and welfare clear and present, there is a new rush for the border... as the Tucson Sentinel observes, this is not just a surge of unaccompanied minors; there has been an even greater and steadier increase in the number of family units crossing...

Perforce, Boehner and McConnell, through their appeasement of this president’s malfeasance, are complicit in a new and growing wave of illegal immigration – one which will swamp our welfare, health care, and education system and completely countermand any infinitesimal budget cuts they claimed to have secured through their omnibus bills and debt ceiling increases over the past few years...

Conservatives must secure definitive commitments from GOP leaders early and often. First and foremost, no DHS spending bill should pass the House unless it contains an all-encompassing rider defunding Obama’s amnesty within multiple government agencies responsible for issuing parole, refugee status, or work permits. Additionally, although we can’t defund the lack of enforcement, we can cut salaries of top DHS officials until they rescind the “Johnson Memos” and resume enforcement measures. In addition to the DHS funding bill, conservatives must use all must-pass bills, including any debt ceiling bill, as a vehicle to block Obama’s amnesty.

Finally, the simplest form of leverage is for every Republican senator to commit to blocking all non-security executive and judicial nominees until the rule of law is restored...

As Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) noted a few weeks ago, this illegal amnesty has a clear path to citizenship. This means that within the decade, Democrats will create a permanent majority by turning a number of states into California. At that point, no other issue will matter because we will lack the votes to affect change on any policy that conservatives care about in the long run...