Supreme Court upholds limits on asylum seekers’ rights

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Excellent. Their only right is a right to speedy, humane deportation.
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Power Line
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26 June 2020
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National News
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Today, the Supreme Court ruled that asylum seekers who are turned down by U.S. immigration officials immediately upon entry do not have a right to have their case heard in federal court. The Court reversed a ruling to the contrary by the left-wing Ninth Circuit.
The Ninth Circuit’s ruling was an outlier among U.S. courts of appeals, and in my view, the case was a no-brainer. The notion that undocumented foreigners picked as they enter the country can gain access to our federal courts simply by saying they are fearful of being in their home country strikes me as absurd. We do not owe the world’s population that level of process.
Even two of the Court’s liberals — Justices Breyer and Ginsburg — agreed with today’s result, ...
Supreme Court Ruling on Illegal Immigration a Victory for Trump, by Hans Von Spakovy, Daily Signal, June 26, 2020.