Surprise! Hispanic Americans want border control

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Poll: 52% of Hispanics believe the government is not doing enough to reduce border crossings
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Jim Robb
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Washington Times
Article date: 
27 September 2022
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National News
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... Among Republicans, Rep. Mayra Flores symbolizes a new breed of Hispanic officeholders who stand for stricter border enforcement. Ms. Flores, who won a special election in June to represent the 34th Congressional district in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, is the first Republican to represent her area in 150 years, and the first woman born in Mexico to ever enter Congress. She recently called on Congress to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for failing to enforce immigration laws and causing the border crisis....

Fifty-two percent of Hispanic likely voters believe the government is doing “too little to reduce illegal border crossings and visitor overstays.” Only 15% believe the government is doing “too much.” And 25% say the government’s efforts are about right, and 9% aren’t sure....

So more than three times as many Hispanic voters think the government is neglecting the border than feel the government is over-policing it. That’s significant!...

Another hot-button issue is chain migration, which is one immigrant getting citizenship and then sponsoring extended family members. When these more distant relatives come in and get their citizenship, they in turn sponsor their siblings and parents, leading to never-ending chains. Rasmussen asked whether immigrants should be able to sponsor extended family members, or should they be able to sponsor only spouses and minor children. By 66% to 27%, Hispanic likely voters were clear: Immigrants should be able to sponsor only spouses and minor children....

Fifty-eight percent [of Hispanics] say they want to cut legal immigration numbers below the current 1 million a year....

Adapted from Jim Robb’s upcoming book, “Political Migrants: Hispanic Voters on the Move,” published Sept. 15 by NumbersUSA.