The Taco Truck Delusion

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Six months in Mexico taught me what a Latin American future for the USA really entails.
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Christopher Brunet
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American Conservative
Article date: 
25 May 2023
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National News
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Five years ago, a 20-year-old college student in Iowa named Mollie Tibbetts vanished while jogging. Police soon found her decomposing body in a cornfield, stabbed to death. A 24-year-old illegal farmhand from Mexico was convicted for the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole...

Mollie’s father went out of his way to deny any racial angle to the murder, famously maintaining that Hispanics are “Iowans with better food.” Mollie’s father fell for the taco truck meme, the belief that open borders will just mean more taco trucks and otherwise no major changes to the American quality of life.

The problem with the taco truck meme is that it isn’t true. I just spent six months living in Mexico. It’s a failed state. The country is ranked number one in the OECD for child abuse, number one in the world for dead journalists, and number four in the world for murder. It is also ranked number three in the world for animal abuse, which, judging from my experience, is no surprise...

Walking down streets full of starving, chained-up dogs exposes one to a constant stream of psychic pain...

Travel blogger Jake Nomada affectionately refers to the “lack of common sense found in many areas throughout the region” as “the Latin Hammer."

Blogger Steve Sailer posits that Mexicans dislike safety precautions because “they sense that keeping their country perilous and shoddy will keep the gringos from swamping it.”..