Take a Hike, Kamala

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Patriot Post
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27 June 2021
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National News
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Kamala might as well have gone to Europe.

"After all that, @VP isn't even going to the right place. Here's a map."

- Senator John Cornyn

 Kamala isn't even going to the right place



Ron Johnson: Harris Border Trip Meant to Keep Media from Reporting Severity of Crisis, Breitbart, June 29, 2021.

... “I offered an amendment to force the administration to actually build the 250 miles of wall that has been bought and paid for — about $2 billion. Every Democrat except Joe Manchin voted against that amendment,” Johnson stated. “So, again, what they have gotten good at — they have gotten very efficient at processing and dispersing illegal immigrants across this country. They are taking credit for that, but they’re just fueling the crisis. They’re exacerbating the problem.”

“You just simply can’t understand what this administration is doing. We literally are apprehended 6,000 people per day. I mean, that’s a large caravan every day being processed. Some of them are being returned, others are being dispersed. This crisis is not going away. It’s just under everybody’s radar because the press isn’t covering it,” he concluded.