Tancredo: Multiculturalism Virus Is Destroying the U.S.

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Tom Tancredo
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6 June 2015
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National News
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...It may not be news that President Obama is a cheerleader for multiculturalism and understands its political uses. It has been a valuable weapon in the arsenal of “transformational politics.” But we are slow to recognize that this trend did not begin with Obama and it will not end with his departure. Multiculturalism is a cornerstone of the new “celebrity politics,” and this has serious ramifications extending across the policy spectrum, from tax policy to education and national security.

To our new cultural elites and the priests of multiculturalism, a belief and patriotic pride in unique American achievements in constitutional government, social mobility and personal freedom is delusional and rooted in ignorance. To sophisticated, enlightened multiculturalists, such beliefs are simply a vestige of nationalism, racism and “chauvinism.”...
To the neo-Marxist theorists of this new leftism, the vanguard of the multiculturalist revolution are not proletarian workers or Mao’s rural masses but youth, the people with the least attachment to tradition and the most malleable in the hands of progressive teachers. Students in public schools and universities must be liberated from their parents’ inherited prejudices and then inducted into the new religion...
In a speech in 2009, Obama waxed sarcastic on the subject of “American Exceptionalism,” the arch-enemy of all progressives. “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”
Obama thought he was being cleverly sarcastic, but he was also being profoundly perceptive and revealing – not about America, but about himself and his brigade of cultural relativists...
To the new, multiculturalist Democrat party, the America of our fathers is not an achievement to be celebrated, it is a problem to be solved or a disease to be immunized against...
The Republican establishment’s idea that Jeb Bush is the answer to our ills only shows they are not even asking the right questions, and the lack of a coherent immigration policy is only the tip of the iceberg. .