Taxpayer-Funded NPR to Fire 10% of Staff After $30M Budget Gap, Largest Layoff Since 2008

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Why are taxpayers paying even a penny for this leftist media outlet?
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21 March 2023
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National News
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Taxpayer-funded NPR will lay off ten percent of its workforce, going from approximately 1,200 to about 1,050 employees, after the left-wing media company failed to generate enough revenue, the organization announced Thursday.

NPR, whose budget is subsidized nearly 11 percent by taxpayer funds, announced a staggering $30 million budget shortfall. The gap will impact ten percent of the media company’s employees and force the organization to cut four podcasts. The network vowed most cut employees would stay on until April 28....

Many NPR affiliates have a history of attacking conservatives and Republican lawmakers. Just this month, Republican House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was targeted by a taxpayer-funded NPR affiliate in New York State.

“Taxpayer-funded disinformation outlet NCPR, caught unlawfully sending emails supporting Democrat candidates, continues their strange, sexist obsession with lying about Elise Stefanik,” a senior adviser to Stefanik, Alex DeGrasse, told Breitbart News....


Good news: NPR Quits Twitter After Labeled ‘State-Affiliated Media’, Breitbart, 11 April 2023.

It’s Time to Defund NPR, by Rajan Laad, American Thinker 12 April 2023:

If one looks at the content that NPR publishes, there is no doubt they cater to the Democrat voter base. To put it plainly this is a proud and unremorseful Democrat propaganda outlet.

Their sanctimoniousness prevents them from having self-awareness. They have somehow convinced themselves that whatever they stand for is the only right and moral position to have; those who disagree will probably be slammed as far-right conspiracy theorists.

The question remains why conservative Americans should pay for a news service that is dedicated to demeaning and destroying them...

How much money does NPR get from taxpayers? It's very complicated, by David Strom, 13 April 2023:

... It turns out that NPR has very complicated finances–so complicated that when pressed on the matter in 2015 after an analyst claimed that about 1/4 of their funding came from tax dollars they answered “Quantifying that amount is imperfect, and impossible math.”

Any claim that 25% of NPR’s funding comes from the government is unfair, as it includes the tax subsidy that applies to all non-profits through deductions. That’s not how we tend to think of “government funding,” and since a lot of nonprofits don’t do the government’s bidding it isn’t fair to classify all nonprofits as government-funded.

But a claim of 10-15% as the real number is much fairer. It’s hard to say exactly, but the number is clearly a lot higher than NPR wants to admit....


More good news: Taxpayer Funded PBS Joins NPR In Quitting Twitter, ZeroHedge, 13 April 2023:

First, it was the National Public Radio (or is that Ratio) that stormed off Twitter in a huff after being declared "government-funded media" (it says it right there in the company's title folks, National and Public) and now it is another Public (as in non-private) company that doesn't like being called out for what it is that has decided to make a dramatic exit stage left: the Public Broadcasting Service has followed National Public Radio in rage quitting Twitter after the social media network labeled both organizations as government-funded media....

Why Does NPR Still Exist? by Laurence M. Vance, Future of Freedom Foundation, 14 April 2023.