Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi On Task Force Which Wrote “Building A North American Community” Report Aimed At Abolishing America

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James Kirkpatrick
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20 January 2016
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National News
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Currently, Ted Cruz is trying to pose as an aw-shucks country lawyer, despite his elite connections. But the problem is that those  connections are out there for all to see. And one of the most troubling is his wife Heidi, a Goldman Sachs investment manager who served on the task force which wrote the report on “Building a North American Community,a direct attack on American independence.

It includes a recommendation to build a European Union style abolition of borders between Mexico and the United States...

There are also demands for a unified “North American border action plan,” a “North American Border Pass,” and “a common security perimeter.”
Heidi Cruz specifically endorsed the report and enclosed an addendum. Her added comments have nothing to do with protecting American independence...


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