Terrorist Judge Threatens ICE Agents, Tells Courts To Resist Arrests With Force

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10 March 2020
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National News
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Advocates for nation busting don’t like it that illegal aliens are being arrested. They like it even less that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is arresting illegal aliens in local courthouses. Local and State judges are at the center of this illegal resistance to Federal law enforcement officers executing their duties...

And the Terrorist Bar is now at the forefront of protecting illegal aliens with violence. This could have been prevented if Jeff Sessions had prosecuted lawyers and judges involved in aiding illegal aliens to escape arrest in courthouses, but now the piper must be paid because Sessions refused to act. But no action was taken, and now we have a retired judge and Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, A. Michael Snyder, contact him here and at (215) 238-6300, calling for physical attacks on ICE agents making arrests of illegal aliens.....

Federal law is quite clear on the subject that any immigration officer can effect an arrest of an alien. No warrant is required, because the illegal is actually in violation of the law at the time he is arrested, just as if he were being arrested during an armed robbery in progress....

The Trump Administration should immediately arrest Snyder and prosecute him for terrorist threats and obstructing a Federal official, Title 18 USC 1505, Obstructing A Proceeding. An example needs to be made before this gets out of hand, which it is closely approaching.