Texas’s Gov. Abbott blocks and breaks that gargantuan incoming caravan

Article author: 
Monica Showalter
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American Thinker
Article date: 
18 June 2022
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National News
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Joe Biden is letting one of the largest illegal migrant caravans in history move into the U.S., with no effort to stop it.

Texas's governor, Greg Abbott, isn't. 

According to a very interesting report by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, the record-sized 15,000-strong caravan has run into interference from the Texas governor and his counterpart in the adjacent Mexican state of Coahuila, who had the foresight to sign an agreement in April about border security.  Bensman writes [in the report Migrant Caravan Runs Face-First Into Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 15 June 2022]::

AUSTIN, Texas — When Mexico last week granted federal humanitarian travel permits to 15,000 U.S.-bound third-country migrants who’d formed the largest caravan in Mexican history, most planned to head straight to the border to cross illegally into the Texas towns of Del Rio and Eagle Pass.

But now those thousands of federal permit holders have collided with an unusual and wide-ranging Coahuila State police roadblock operation that is systematically halting buses carrying the migrants all over that state, detaining and deporting some, and thwarting federal government will.

Few, if any, of those thousands are finding their way over the Rio Grande into the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector. Mexican state police are blocking northbound commercial buses at the bus station in the Coahuila state capital of Saltillo, and at many other stations, and emptying migrants from trucks and vans at checkpoints on all roads leading into that state’s border cities of Piedras Negras, across from Eagle Pass, and Acuna, across from Del Rio, according to Mexican press reporting.

The migrants who thought they were a day or two away from crossing into Texas, where the Biden administration will admit most of them, are reported to be infuriated. In many cases, the state authorities are “deporting” the immigrants they catch, although it was unclear to where. The operations have sparked civil disobedience disturbances in Saltillo, protests elsewhere, and closure Tuesday of the international bridge between Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras when 100 of the caravan migrants tried to hop a train over and battled Mexican authorities who stopped them.

... What happened here was that Abbott and his Mexican counterpart in Coahuila, Gov. Miguel Angel Solis, signed a security agreement two months ago to keep the border area secure....

What drew headlines at the time was Abbott's transport of illegal migrants to Washington, D.C., but the power move on his part was in the laborious truck inspections, which were a problem for the Mexicans...

That's why the roadblocks and ship-backs in Coahuila, courtesy of Mexican state police, are going strong now.  The Mexican state cops aren't putting up with these caravans from the migrants from some 150 countries at the expense of their own economy.  They're breaking these cartels up and sending the migrants back, one truck at a time....

For Texans, this has to be a relief.  There's not a thing Joe Biden can do to stop this, and the caravan itself will be diminished in its impact with a simple solution that seems to be working... Kudos to Abbott.