Texas Resigns from Democrat Operative-founded ERIC Voter Registration System

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9 States Out - Only 23 Remain
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Gateway Pundit
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21 July 2023
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Our American Future
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... The Gateway Pundit has written extensively about ERIC and its founder, David Becker, who also founded the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), which received $69.5 million in Zuckerbucks and distributed it disproportionately to the “swing states”, with four of the top six states being PA, MI, AZ, and GA, which received an average of $8.5 million compared to $1.58 million on average being distributed to the remaining 23 states that received funds...

Texas will resign from ERIC, effective 91 days from the July 20th, 2023.  They will have to implement a system that won’t cost more than $100,000...

The system was originally promoted as a tool to clean up voter rolls.  It is anything but that.

For example, Wisconsin is an ERIC State and has over 7 million registered voters in a state with less than 4 million eligible voters...

The ERIC system is now used in dozens of states despite the fact that voter rolls in those states are more bloated with phantom voters than ever before in US history....