Thank You, Tom Tancredo

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Michelle Malkin
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Article date: 
24 February 2022
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Colorado News
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Tom Tancredo is fighting cancer....

A former teacher, five-term U.S. congressman, husband, father and grandfather, Tom made all the right (and left) enemies in the Swamp. Liberal open-borders shills and Southern Poverty Law Center smear merchants called him "hardline," "far-right," "extreme," "xenophobic" and "nativist" for doing what any American elected politician is sworn to do: secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity first and always. He founded the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus in 1999 to fight illegal immigration and uncontrolled, mass migration....

hat Tom told me in 2014 when he ran for governor in Colorado holds true for every authentic America First Republican running for office: "The party bosses hate my candidacy because it represents a threat to their power and to the crony capitalists who want the government to supply them with cheap labor."...

Thank you. We who carry the America First flame are eternally indebted to you. Godspeed.