Three Steps to Solve the Border Crisis

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Kris W. Kobach
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Article date: 
4 April 2019
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National News
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...  Mexico is warning that the “mother of all caravans” – over 20,000 people – is gathering in Honduras.

Border apprehensions exceeded 100,000 in March – the highest monthly total in 12 years.  And Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan declared that the situation at the border has reached “the breaking point.”...

On Tuesday evening, in an interview with Lou Dobbs, I laid out three steps that would solve the current crisis:

  1. Publish the final version of the regulation that would supersede the Flores Settlement. The initial regulation was published by the Department of Homeland Security in September 2018. DHS could have published the final regulation in December.  Inexplicably, DHS has dragged its feet. Finalizing that regulation would allow the United States to detain entire families together, and it would stop illegal aliens from exploiting children as get-out-of-jail free cards.
  2. Set up processing centers at the border to house the migrants and hold the hearings in one place.  The Department of Justice should deploy dozens of immigration judges to hear the asylum claims at the border without releasing the migrants into the country.  FEMA already owns thousands of travel trailers and mobile homes that it has used to address past hurricane disasters...
  3.  Publish a proposed Treasury regulation that prohibits the sending home of remittances by people who cannot document lawful presence in the United States.  This will hit Mexico in the pocketbook – Mexico typically brings in well over $20 billion a year in remittances, raking in more than $26 billion in 2017....