Title Board turns down proposed initiative to abolish vote-by-mail

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Colorado Politics
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20 May 2021
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Colorado News
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The Title Board met on May 19, 2021 to consider a ballot initiative making substantial changes to Colorado's election procedures, including the elimination of universal vote-by-mail.

A proposed ballot initiative to require fingerprinted identification cards for voting, abolish universal vote by mail, and prescribe fines and incarceration for failing to follow election law was dismissed on Wednesday after the Title Board determined the initiative's proponents did not follow the law themselves....

The three-member Title Board's responsibility is to determine whether a ballot initiative encompasses a single subject, as the constitution requires. If so, it sets a title and proponents may begin collecting signatures to place the measure on the statewide ballot. Prior to its appearance before the board, nonpartisan legislative analysts reviewed Initiative #38 and found several provisions lacking in clarity, including the taking and storing of fingerprints for elector cards.