Tom Tancredo Praises the Historic “We Build the Wall” Sunland Park Project and Explains Why Democrats Hate Trump

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Jim Hoft
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Gatewsy Pundit
Article date: 
3 June 2019
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National News
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This past week and over the Memorial Day Weekend the “We Build the Wall” organization led by founder and organizer Brian Kolfage built their first major border wall section on the West Texas-New Mexico border.

Brian Kolfage and “We Build the Wall” raised over $20 million in private donations from over 260,000 individuals to build a border wall on the US southern border with Mexico.  The GoFundMe page was launched after Democrat and Republican lawmakers refused to work with President Trump to secure the border.

** Please donate to this incredible organization here.

On Saturday The Gateway Pundit spoke with former Rep. Tom Tancredo who is an advisory board member with We Build the Wall....

Tom told us the current project is a political miracle and a technological miracle.  The Army Corps of Engineers had said it was too steep of a slope but We Build the Wall went ahead with the project anyway.  They built a half mile of wall up a steep incline in one week....

We asked Tom Tancredo about the Trump’s tweet that the cartels are running Mexico and his response was simply, “Yes.” He then added, “Mexico is a narco-state. When you have a situation where there are major parts of your country that you cannot control, that are controlled entirely by the cartels, then you cannot claim that you are a country. And the corruption does not stop at the border. There are towns all along the border that are just as dirty. And when you hear a mayor here or there say, ‘Oh we don’t want a wall, it will curtail commerce.’ Well you know what commerce they are talking about, commerce of drugs and people....”...
Tom told us the problem is not just with the open border Democrats. “It’s amazing to me I thought when I went into Congress that there would be more support at least from my side of the aisle to borders and the rule of law which are things we are supposed to stand for. Democrats see massive immigration both legal and illegal as a source of voters. Republicans look at exactly the same phenomena and see cheap labor. Hence you’ve got his cabal of interests that are not shared by most people in the country. US citizens want secure borders. So, then you have to ask yourself, how can it be that if John Q.Citizen wants secure borders how come it has never happened? There is a powerful cabal that has stymied any effort to secure the borders.”...
Tom says he does not blame President Trump for the current situation on the border. He added, “Believe me, we are so much farther ahead than we would have been with any other president. I never thought I’d see a full scale assault by the office of the president on the issue of illegal immigration.”
Tom praised President Trump in his closing comments...