The Tragedy of the Regime’s Social Engineering

Article author: 
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
11 July 2014
Article category: 
National News
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It is so sad to watch Latin American children used as human props for political gain by our government, intent on forcing America into a third world status and more diversification.
It is even sadder to see that so many parents were so deluded and so irresponsible that they sent their children in the company of coyotes who, for a fee, dropped them at the border, to be then bused and flown by our government to locations around the country.  In transit these children were potentially abused and sexually molested.
Our own border patrol officers and doctors, under the threat of being fired, have to play nannies and babysitters to so many children who have been sent alone across the entire country of Mexico.
The illegal immigrant [alien] children are released in a hurry to individuals whose citizenship status is not checked, who are no doubt illegals themselves and will not show up for court hearings. Why the hurry and cloak-and-dagger atmosphere to process these children and place them so quickly when some of the diseases they carry take time to test in a lab and identify medically?...
It is sad to see that law, order, and our borders have been erased by the social engineering of the current regime who wants to alter the demographics of areas they deem too conservative.
It is sad to see how the Democrat political agenda trumps the safety of our country and of our citizens who are now haplessly exposed to diseases and parasites they’ve only read or heard about in textbooks. Americans and their children will now be exposed to lice, scabies, TB, Ebola, Chagas disease, STDs, hepatitis, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, and other childhood diseases carried by innocent and unvaccinated children from Central America...
Congressman Phil Gingrey of Georgia, a medical doctor, accuses our government of creating a “severe and dangerous” crisis by housing around the country Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) who lack basic vaccinations. Pictures that have been leaked out by whistleblowers show horrendous infestations of lice, scabies, measles, and chicken pox...
The CDC has activated an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Congressman Gingrey wrote, “I firmly believe the public deserves to know the specific actions the EOC and other departments of the CDC are taking to combat and prevent the spread of communicable diseases.”  A serious health threat is covered up, “the amount of tuberculosis is astonishing.”...
Making immigration law irrelevant and the borders disappear, while flooding the country with illegal minors infected with communicable diseases that pose a serious threat to our nation, is outrageous to all law-abiding Americans...